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Are you new to Green Lake?  For over 150 years, tourists and visitors have been answering the call to come to experience Green Lake. Early travelers from as far south as New Orleans and as far east as Philadelphia arrived by train and made the last ten-mile leg of their journey by horse and coach along winding dusty roads. Years later, whole families drove hundreds or thousands of miles across the country to experience a slice of the good life in one of America’s oldest resort communities.

The attraction seemed to be the cool breezes captured by the multistory wraparound porches of our large-frame hotels, providing travelers with an escape from the summer heat. Or perhaps it was the lake itself, glimmering with an invitation on a sunny day. For decades, people have cruised through our cool waters on steamers for sightseeing and sailed along the shore for sport and for fun. Fishing and hunting from the area’s ample stock of fish and game gave visitors yet another way to pass their days in leisure.

Today Visitors continue to be drawn to the cool inviting waters of Green Lake. The waters of Green Lake play host to every water sport imaginable like fishing, boating, sailing, swimming, diving or just simply floating. Together, the visitors and residents of Green Lake can enjoy the area’s abundant nature and wildlife.

Lodging Information

Looking for a place to stay?  Look no further than right here! With a variety of options to suit any visitor, we can help find you a lovely place to stay no matter what you’re looking for.

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